Warm water floors

When cold occurs, each family begins to think about how to maintain warmth in the house, theFore, which is stupid to count on centralized heating in various cities. A good and economical option for insulation of the house is considered a system of “warm sexes”, which can be done with your own hands and with which you can heat the premises, while not forcing the territory of the apartment by the notorious radiators of heating. If you install a system of warm water floors in your own apartment, you will not freeze in it, even if you walk on the floor barefoot.

Pleasantly warm floors will deliver you maximum comfort and comfort winter, cold evenings. There are many companies that are engaged in the installation of such floors. At the same time, they are responsible for the guarantee and quality of the work done.

Generally, warm water systems for floors I use mainly in rooms with small meters. Such rooms reach up to 12 m. area. It can be country houses or apartments.

Water, which will flow through pipes in the system of warm floors, will warm the floors of the entire area evenly.

Also, this sex system is able to adapt to various types of climate, as well as the seasons. The term and quality of use of such a heating system of floors directly depends on the quality of the tube along which the water will flow, thereby reproducing heat over the entire area of ​​the room. If the quality of such a tube is good, and it is installed correctly and for conscience, then such a heating system will last you about fifty years for sure. Before installing, make sure that the floor is absolutely even. If there are flaws, then before installing the system should be smeared and aligned with the floors. It is not recommended to categorically install warm water floors on your own. Since this is a responsible amount of work, and a professional should deal with it. In addition, special organizations give quality guarantees for the work done. In which case, it will be possible to contact and eliminate the problem.