Repair in Khrushchev.

Clearly calculate how many electrical appliances you intend to use at the same time, and the electrician will explain to you how to redo the wiring so that it all works, and how much this service will cost. Probably, somewhere it will be necessary to add sockets, build individual light points, so that the apartment is really comfortable.

The current performance of comfort implies the backlight of the mirror, as well as a smooth change in the lighting of the bathroom – from intense light to an intimate twilight. Of course, the bathroom needs sockets for a washing machine and special household appliances – hairdries, razors and other new products that require additional electrician. Morally prepare for the fact that for the good of civilization from the previous type of apartment there will be almost nothing left.

When installing high voltage electric cables, the process of strokes of the walls is inevitable. This is a lot of construction garbage in the apartment and the load on your nervous system and your neighbors, because the powerful noise published by a perforator and a cable during the installation of a cable is able to “dead to wake up”.

The current effective repair methods and competent specialists will make you a cozy and modern dwelling for a month and a half. Before starting the process, we advise you to go to the neighbors, to apologize in advance for temporary difficulties, then relations with them will be much better. Otherwise, repairs can stall for a long time if the neighbors will officially turn in various instances in writing.

Observe the noise regime, as spelled out in the laws, it is stipulated there when what kind of noise effects are permissible. Since the laws appear in concepts such as sound power measured in decibels, specialized organizations and “attorney devices”, the previous proposal increases relevance. If the neighbors do not at all make contact, violating your rights, then we advise you to contact an experienced lawyer.