Lighting suspended ceilings

Today, absolutely any room, exclusively through skillfully and competently completed lighting, can be made unusually beautiful, and fundamentally change its design. Even the ceiling of the suspended, the so -called single -level type, which is painted with plain paint, can radically transform beyond recognition, but only if the selection was most correctly performed by suspended lamps.Most traditionally, for very large number of citizens in our country, the usual lamp of any ceiling, this is a suspended lamp – in other words a beautiful and correctly selected chandelier. The installation of chandeliers was made, of course, in the very center of the ceiling surface. In the process of buying a new chandelier, you should take into account various kinds of circumstances, in particular the fact that sheets made of drywall are a very fragile material, and if you perform the installation of such lighting devices as a chandelier, directly to the sheets of drywall, without using any additional anchors, then they simply cannot withstand her weight. According to all the requirements of building codes, according to all the rules, the strength of the ceiling, which is made of drywall sheets, is always calculated for the five -fold weight of the future lighting device. Of course, all those chandeliers whose weight sometimes reaches fifteen kilograms are mounted to drywall with a dowel-bow. This is the type of dowel, in the process of twisting it, on the back is revealed as if increasing the area of ​​the support, to which an effort is made from the weight of the lighting device.

It should be said that today there are many models of multi -row chandeliers and multi -tiered chandeliers in the modern lighting market, which have a very significant weight. In this case, the fastening is always carried out directly to the reinforced concrete overlap, to the beam made of natural wood.