We put with our own hands floor tiles in the hallway

Caramic tiles stacked correctly in the hallway will not only give your room a modern look and perfectly fits into the interior, but will also last a long time due to its wear resistance and strength. Laying of floor tiles can be done quite independently without the participation of specialists, it is enough to do everything carefully and follow some rules:

1) the surface for the base of the tile should be perfectly flat. If you have the floor by nature uneven, then we make alignment with the help of special concrete screeds, if your floor is not concrete, but wooden, then experts advise using a certain structure of slate material, here this material can be ADP or OSP.

2) We put the tile on a special, made specifically for these purposes, glue, which must be diluted strictly according to the attached instructions. And try to keep lumps and bubbles with air.

3) Pre -marking the floor, for a simpler and more fast laying in tiles. At the same time, leave the gap between the last row of tiles and a wall of at least 8-10 mm.

4) In order for the seams between the tiles to be the same size and look perfectly even, you need to use special crosses that can be found in any construction store and completely different sections.

5) when working, use the building level without fail to observe the horizontal, which should be measured in several planes.

6) When laying tiles, the glue is applied only to the flooring, with a simple construction trowel, and the leveling is carried out by a wide spatula or grout (gear).

7) the grout of the seams is produced only to the complete drying of the glue, when it hardens and gain strength. When applying a grout, a rubber spatula is used, and the excess must be removed for twenty minutes.

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