We decorate our area with curly plants

Create a living wall of ivy, as in paintings with the image of ancient castles, for every person can. It is not only beautiful, but also very functional: in hot times, such a fence will keep cool for a long time. The choice of climbing plants is very great, so you should only be guided by your aesthetic preferences, since caring for them is the same. If you have no desire to plant new plants every year, then ivy, wild grapes, hops and special varieties of roses are perfect for you. Annual fences can be planted from peas, decorative beans or nasturtium.Climbing plants are able to decorate not only the walls of the house, but also gazebos, verandas and even gates. Planting plants is better to do in the spring. You need to start with the preparation of the soil: fertilizer, loosening and moisture. To decorate the gates and the gate, you need to make special boxes in which plants will be planted. The trays are fixed with ordinary screws or nails. If desired, they can be removed, and plants can be transplanted to another place. Before you engage in landscaping, purchase or make the lattice yourself so that the plant takes a beautiful look, and not grows around the perimeter of the site. The height of the future fence is better to adjust in advance. Otherwise fighting violent will be difficult. Do -it -yourself lattice can be made from improvised materials: wooden racks, plastic, metal.

Caring for climbing plants relatively simple. The main thing is constant watering. At least once a day in hot weather. Then ivy or peas will delight you with green leaves, and not dry shoots.

If a simple hedge seems to you a boring option, then try to combine several species of plants yourself. Ivy is perfectly adjacent to jasmine, rose with peas. With the help of a combination of perennial and annual plants, you can create more and more new compositions every year.

If you plan to decorate your site with flowers, you can stop at the classics T.E plant roses. But you can also give the help of a section of originality by planting blue roses. More details about the history of the appearance, you can read photos on the site .