Watch for the interior

The original clock suitable for your interior can be made of anything. You just need to take a working clock mechanism (por ejemplo ,, from the old alarm or clock) and insert it inside any suitable object. To construct a watch is a very exciting lesson. This hobby unites many people around the world. Perhaps these creations will inspire you to create your own masterpiece.

Even summer slippers can become an addition to the interior. Insert the clock mechanism and decorate the “shale” membranes, buckles or brooch, and the original watches are ready.

For a fan of football, you can make a watch from an old bucket or bowl, painting it with an enamel of white and black flowers .The clock can be hung on the wall or installed on the stand.

A plank with numbers applied on a stencil, a paper napkin plus a clock mechanism – and you have a watch in a “grandmother” style.

The plowed teddy bear from childhood can still serve faithfully in the form of a watch for a children’s room. As “numbers” of myta on the body multi -colored shreds.

A fun and practical decoration for the hallway, Cocina, cottages or children’s room – a watch in the form of an aged frame with a sawn jigsaw and hooks for pompous trifles.

For a wall clock in the “Martian” style you will need knitting needles, a circle of plywood or dense cardboard and multi-colored balls for a ping-pong or from children’s rattles.

A wicker basket with a clock and a bright scarf will be a wonderful spring decoration of the kitchen interior.

Favorite straw hat has worn out to holes? They can be closed with artificial flowers and herbs, and the hat is turned into a dacha clock.

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