Warm floor in the apartment of an apartment building – an economical option

In modern apartment buildings – central heating and for the most part it works properly when it is necessary. However, more and more people come to the conclusion about the need to install a warm floor system in a particular room of their city apartment in a high -rise building. Why is this happening?

Firstly, a centralized heating system is not always effective in all rooms of the apartment. Somewhere the air warms up perfectly, and somewhere ordinary battery is not enough on too windy or frosty days. You have to use the heater, which costs a penny for electricity costs.

Secondly, there are premises in which it is especially important that the floor is warm, and the heating system with batteries leads to the fact that warm air rises upstairs, and a draft walks along the floor. Such rooms include primarily children’s rooms in which children constantly play on the floor and as a result of an uncontrolled temperature reduction can get sick. Such rooms include bathrooms and bathrooms, where it is advisable to mount a tile, which, with a regular heating system and room temperature, is too cold, and it has to stand on it barefoot.

Thirdly, often in apartment buildings in order to expand the space of the balcony or loggia, they will be converted into part of the room or a separate room, which requires additional heating. Turning on the loggia that has become part of the apartment, it is technically difficult or almost impossible in the main heating system of the house and then the main heating due to the warm floor system becomes the only possible option.

In all these situations, a liquid warm floor has proven itself, which allows you to spend electrical energy during operation extremely carefully and only when it is necessary. Warm floor 10 m of squares is able to create a cozy “patch” for a comfortable children’s game ”or serve as an auxiliary