Vibro -plate and their use

The vibration plate is special equipment for road construction, whose principle of operation is based on the use of strong vibrations. It is used mainly to compaction of bulk and binding materials in conditions of limited space, which does not allow the use of a traditional asphalt ice rink for these purposes.

You can buy diesel or gasoline vibration plots of the highest quality manufactured by leading European manufacturers on the site /, after calling +7 (812) 363-12-72 and clarifying all the details. An experienced manager will allow you to choose the most optimal model to complete a particular task, after which it remains only to pay for the order.

Usually this is a heavy platform of cast iron or steel up to seventy centimeters, on which an engine equipped with a drive clutch and an eccentric shaft, spinning around its axis and creating vibration due to the occurrence of centrifugal force. The effect of vibration reduces the distance between the particles of the material laid, making its layer denser.

Vibroopers are used in laying asphalt, for compaction and ramers of soil when laying communications, in the improvement of the territory adjacent to the buildings, when arranging sports grounds, when laying paving slabs and gravel paths.

The use of vibration fuels in road construction and other industries has many advantages. At low costs, they are characterized by high performance and maximum quality of work. A strong heavy base with neatly bent edges ensures the uniformity of the surface of the finished coating.

For the convenience of the operator controller, the power control adjustment is carried out to the handle. In addition, modern models are equipped with vibration ditching systems, so they are safe for humans.