Types of foundation in strength: Useful tips

The most important characteristic of the foundation is its strength. Depending on this parameter, the grounds for buildings are divided into several types. To choose the most successful option for the foundation, strength must be taken into account first. She determines which house can be built in a particular case.

The lowest strength is characterized by a columnar foundation. The fact is that it consists of only separate pillars located under the walls of the dwelling. Of course, getting a massive base in this case is hardly possible. But a high speed of construction and lack of need for significant costs can be called the positive features of the column foundation. It is best to use it if the house is planned to be built from wood.

The tape foundation is more durable. It is more difficult to fill it, but the base receives a truly reliable. The main task of the builders in the construction of this design is the creation of a fully closed profile. If the seams are present in the strip foundation, its bearing capacity will immediately decrease. The strip foundation is well suited for the construction of a home from brick. Wooden buildings on it are also successful.

There is a separate type of foundation that is not like others. In particular, in this case we are talking about pile form. The strength of this base is incredibly high, although there is a lot of costs to make a lot. But the pile foundation is especially well suited for construction on loose soil.

And yet the most impressive in reliability is the foundation-plate. A completely cast and monolithic base can withstand the mass of a multi -storey building. True, there are restrictions on its use. For example, the soil should be dense.

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