Types of ceilings design

Very rarely you will meet a perfectly even ceiling in our apartment. The fault in this climate, as well as the shortcomings during construction, which is why the ceiling looks unattractive and simply covered with white-colored emulsion.

To transform your apartment, sometimes it’s enough just to change the ceiling. Because it is he who sometimes forms the basis of the decor in the house. First of all, you need to be able to choose the right color for the ceiling. After all, if you are mistaken in choosing, it may be created that it “presses” you and the area of ​​the room will visually decrease. Modern progress provided us with the opportunity to hide the flaws of ceilings with various stretch and suspended structures. Such ceiling options allow us to say goodbye to already boring white uneven ceilings and huge, not always appropriate chandeliers.

A huge selection of ceilings allows the buyer to determine the color, texture and material. Much attention is paid to lighting. Now they use small, but powerful bulbs that decorate the ceilings in bedrooms, living rooms and offices. It will also look very beautiful and original for the nursery to look a ceiling with a starry sky or several levels.

If the suspended ceilings did not like you, then choose the ceiling with stucco. This type of ceiling is distinguished by elegant forms and sophistication of style. The option of ceiling painting is also possible. Such work will be unique in its kind. Professional artists are engaged in her. However, the cost of such pleasure exceeds the cost of an ordinary suspended ceiling by several times. The ceiling can also be laid out with mosaics or inlaid. However, such a type of ceiling is suitable for spacious apartments, giving them the appearance of the palace.

Also, the use of glasses is widely used in ceiling design. Glass allow you to visually increase the room, decorate its appearance and give uniqueness.