Three -dimensional interior visualization

Three -dimensional interior visualization is a special procedure that uses computer graphics and allows you to draw up a preliminary design project, with which you can see how the future interior will look like. Moreover, the client can see the still non -existing design of the room in the smallest details, starting with the texture of the flooring and the color of the wallpaper, and ending with various accessories, as well as furniture placed in their places.

In fact, this technology creates a photographically accurate image of the planned environment, in which all the results of future finishing work, the features of furniture and decor are visible, as well as lighting options. At the same time, the price of interior visualization is available, which makes this service even more popular. Moreover, everything can be considered from any distance and a variety of angles. Moreover, professional software that allows you to carry out such tasks often has a function of creating an attractive presentation video.

The virtual interior design is created in a special computer program, taking into account the preferences of the customer, the general style solution chosen by him, the color scheme that he liked, planned for purchase or existing furniture and household appliances already available. The finished project can be used as a practical guide to action for the subsequently hired professional finishing brigade.

The currently existing programs for the implementation of three -dimensional visualization of the interior can be conditionally divided into professional and amateur. An example of amateur software is Sweet Home 3D – a utility that is characterized by a simple and understandable interface, as well as the user’s Russian -speaking leadership. A striking example of professional software is known to everyone 3DS MAX, more difficult to master, but has a much wider functionality.