The court found the actress Gwyneth Paltrow innocent of the “accident” on the ski slope

A Utah court has ruled in favor of actress Gwyneth Paltrow in the case of a ski accident involving a Hollywood star and an elderly man Terry Sanderson.

Sanderson claimed that the celebrity crashed into him, he demanded compensation from the actress in the amount of $ 300 thousand, saying that he received a concussion, four broken ribs and a traumatic brain injury. The actress, on the contrary, claimed that Sanderson was to blame for the accident on the slope.

The court sided with Paltrow, she was cleared of all charges. As compensation, she will receive one dollar — this amount she herself indicated in a counterclaim, in which she accused the man of crashing into her himself, and also that he intends to use the popularity of the actress to make money on it. According to the actress, Sanderson drove into her back, which caused both to fall into a snowdrift. His skis were between Paltrow’s skis, and she perceived the man’s moans at that moment as sexual harassment.

The accident occurred in 2016 in the resort American city of Park City. Sanderson claimed that after a violent collision with the actress, he fell and suffered many injuries, including a traumatic brain injury and four broken ribs.