The attitude of Americans to their family

America is always on the radar. She attracts and evokes contradictory feelings, she is discussed and condemned, and of course, she is admired!

Tourists usually return home from America under a rather strong impression of the sociability and friendliness of Americans. Of course, there are exceptions: an ill-mannered taxi driver, a rude waiter, although this most likely will not change the overall impression. But you can really learn the American way of life only after living in America for a while.

The lifestyle of Americans

For those who have not been to the “states” yet, it will most likely be interesting to briefly get acquainted with what the life of Americans is, what is its image and style. So, the acquaintance begins…


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Every American sees himself as a successful person, even if he has to work hard for it. The American way of life, as its everyday aspect should be, seems to have descended from the pages of local glossy magazines. The ideal option is a large house in a prestigious area of the city, with spacious and well—furnished rooms, a garage for at least two cars, a swimming pool and a barbecue lawn in the backyard. Paradoxically, all those who consider themselves to be the so-called middle class live in such conditions.

The average American can buy his dream home, as a rule, closer to the age of 40. Prior to that, he was stubbornly pursuing a career, living in rented apartments in stuffy megacities. Career growth and financial success are the barometer by which it is easy to determine how close such a person is to his dream. Some people force events and take out a mortgage, but there is a significant disadvantage in this. And it’s not about overpayments on the loan, but in the formation of public opinion. If the neighbors find out that the property was purchased with the bank’s money, they will simply cease to respect its owner. You can take a loan for a car or a wedding, travel on loan or buy furniture in installments, it doesn’t really matter. But the dream house should be purchased exclusively with your own savings. And for this you need to work tirelessly for at least 10-15 years, denying yourself many pleasures.

Americans prefer to get married in adulthood, and if a couple has a child, it does not mean at all that she will immediately run down the aisle. On the contrary, a girl would rather bring up a baby on her own than humiliate herself to marriage out of necessity. The reason for the conclusion of such an alliance, of course, is the mutual feelings of a man and a woman. But at the same time, all the nuances of living together are discussed in advance.

This applies to both wedding expenses and the distribution of responsibilities. Moreover, such trifles are prescribed in the marriage contract, which residents of this country are using more and more often today. After all, feelings are feelings, and a legal document regulating cohabitation helps to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Who to cook dinner for, who to take out the trash and walk the dog, how to raise children and on what conditions it is possible to terminate a marriage — all this is indicated in the most important family document.

Gender equality has long been the norm for Americans, so the husband is not obliged to support his wife, and the wife should not leave work for the prospect of becoming a housewife. By the way, if a woman still decides to devote herself to everyday life and raising children, then in most cases the spouse assigns her a salary. Since not all couples can afford such a luxury, American women overwhelmingly work on a par with men.

The birth of children in marriage is a wonderful event for every American family. But it’s not parents and not grandparents who will babysit babies, but baby sitter is a qualified nanny. Paying for her services is not a cheap pleasure, but this is the price of an American woman’s independence.

Adulthood by American standards comes at the age of 21, and until that time parents are financially responsible for their children, that is, they are obliged to support them. This has nothing to do with legal responsibility, and American children are responsible for crimes on their own. History knows examples when 10-12-year-olds received life sentences. To give a child a good education, literally from the first years of his life, parents save money for education, because in most cases you have to pay for college or university. As a rule, during the study, the father and mother, even if the child is already 21 years old, help him financially. Getting a diploma and employment is a signal that it’s time to stop financial injections. By the way, after graduation, regardless of whether the children continue their studies, about 90% of them prefer to live separately from their parents.