The advantages of the parquet board

The parquet board is a two -layer or three -layer structure created from natural wood. Such material has long been used as a good flooring due to its many advantages that can be found on the site .

INSBESONDERE, Parquet board can be an excellent alternative to piece parquet. This material has a beautiful pattern. Moreover, it has a high level of strength, wear resistance and environmental safety. The parquet board has a very long service life, but its cost is relatively affordable. It is also quite simple in styling, because it has less weight and thickness. It consists most often of three layers. The top of them is called finishing or working. Its thickness does not exceed 6 millimeters. Such a layer is a thin cut of wood of valuable species, including beech, oak, nut, acacia or tick.It is he who determines the appearance of the parquet board and its aesthetic attractiveness, and also bears responsibility for the durability of the material. With a suitable thickness, the material will not be afraid of numerous grinders. Middle layer, Wiederum, consists of flat and short bars. They are created from tarry conifers and simply glue among themselves. The lower layer is the usual pine or spruce plywood, whose thickness does not exceed two millimeters. So, it turns out that the total thickness of the parquet board can reach 22 millimeters.

In the course of production, the parquet board is also necessarily covered with varnish, the number of which can reach even 7 layers. A special specially -resistant composition is used, which provides an additional reliability parquet board. In addition, it gives the material a beautiful color, successfully emphasizing the unusual texture of the wood used in its manufacture. As a result, the parquet board is used as a floor covering for almost any type of room.