The advantages of paving slabs

Nowadays, paths in parks and gardens, sidewalks and pedestrian paths are increasingly finished with paving slabs. It can be seen in front of a variety of buildings in the city – shops and restaurants, offices and cafes. The reasons for such popularity lie in that this material has many advantages, as well as obvious advantages compared to other common types of coatings used for similar purposes.

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One of the most important advantages of paving slabs, also known as paving stones, is efficiency. Yes, it costs much more than asphalt, but the difference in price is quickly paid off, and all because this material serves several times longer, without requiring regular care and periodic surveying. And if the asphalt has to be repaired once every few years, then the paving stones can easily last half a century before it requires replacement. And this is in the conditions of its most intensive operation.

Due to the fact that a special technology is used in the production of paving stones, this material is not only characterized by high durability and wear resistance, but also well opposes the most diverse mechanical stress. In addition, he is not afraid of severe frosts and summer heat, does not crack as a result of sharp temperature differences, does not lose its properties when getting wet, which is very important for the domestic climate. In addition, if one tile cracked inadvertently, which is very rare, it is very easy to replace with a new one, without the need for dismantling neighboring tiles.