Than the laminate is better than the parquet?

One of the most popular floor coverings is a laminate. For its manufacture, the base of chipboard and polyvinyl chloride resin are used, which is applied on top. In addition to these two layers, others are also used to increase both aesthetic and practical characteristics. Therefore, the laminate can have the most different appearance. Read the Divnomorsky reviews, and find out where it is better to relax. More detailed information on the GELENDZHIK-KURORT website.

The scope of the laminate is very wide. It can be used not only in residential premises, but also in offices, public buildings, t.e. where the load on the flooring is very high. The laminate appeared on the market even more than 20 years ago, but it has become available for many consumers only recently.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that until today, most owners when choosing between coverage such as parquet and laminate are inclined to the first. If you take the prestige of the material as a basis, then they, of course, are right. But still parquet is much more preferable to technical characteristics and possible design options.

For those owners who cannot decide how exactly the floor option is used, there is an alternative: you can purchase a laminate that looks like a parquet. Moreover, to understand that it is to some extent a “fake” is almost impossible. Such a laminate will cost much cheaper than a real parquet.

Among the other advantages of the parquet, a very simple installation should be noted, for which you do not even need to contact specialists, a relatively low cost, and also a very simple care. Unlike parquet, this coating does not need to be subjected to cyclation. Although it will not last so long, but it can be re -shifted without difficulty.