Solutions for dressing rooms and workshop

For those who live in cold regions, the eternal problem is the storage of things necessary for each time of the year. The projects presented here free up the living area from many things, solving a similar problem. Using various decoration options, you can place such furniture in various residential or household premises.

Cabinet projects are suitable for storing clothes in any room. The second project is a rack with adjustable regiments. You do not need to spend a lot of money on wood. Any wood or plywood plate and chipboard 19 mm thick are suitable for creating this convenient furniture.

The cabinet project is very easy to perform and can solve your problem with a place to store things. This cabinet was assembled using facing material for oak, but it can also be made from ordinary MDF or chipboard, and then paint.

I made my closet a little prettier, using a decorative decoration from oak. But there is no need to spend extra money if you need a simple cabinet I. Factory cabinets will cost you a little more. And if they are equipped with a drawer, like this cabinet, the price can increase even more.

You will need, of course, a certain amount of money and if you collect your own cabinet. The final price depends on the type of sheet material that you use, the size of the cabinet and the price of the finish made of solid wood, which I may want to add.

You can decorate the cabinet using adhesive end tape, which will save your time and money. It also matters how the back wall and bottom will be installed and how they will be attached to the side walls. If you have the necessary equipment, use cans inserts to connect the side walls with the bottom and upper panel. The back wall should be installed in the slopes on the panels and I B, and the shelf K should be reduced in the plan of the depth by 6 mm or reduce the depth of the squints on the rear wall. This alternative method is simpler, but the choice remains with you.

The next article describes the cabinet assembly process.