Settlement in yuan may lead to the collapse of the dollar

If Russia starts using Chinese yuan in settlements with other countries, it will lead to the collapse of the dollar and an economic crisis in the United States.

This was announced on Sunday, March 26, by a member of the House of Representatives from the Republican Party, Marjorie Taylor Green.

“If the dollar falls, it will plunge Americans into economic problems unprecedented in our entire history. They (the instigators of the conflict in Ukraine. — Ed.) will be to blame, and America will never recover,” the politician wrote on her Twitter account.

So the congresswoman commented on the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who proposed using yuan when selling energy resources to third countries. It was announced during negotiations with Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to the Russian leader, settlements in the Chinese national currency will be a serious step.

According to a Finama study reviewed by Izvestia in mid-March, the yuan has displaced the euro from the top three currencies for savings. At the same time, on January 25, it was reported that last year the decline in the importance of the dollar in international settlements accelerated. The yuan has become the fourth most popular currency in settlements between countries.