Repair of a small bathroom

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, but this does not mean that it will be difficult for you to follow the style or express your personality. Follow these recommendations to decorate the bathroom of small sizes.

Step 1: Select the base

The bathroom is designed to provide asylum. Here you are ready to start your day or “hide” upon its completion. Therefore, before you begin to decorate the bathroom, it is important to choose a style, base or mood. Think: what do you want? Want something energetic? Or relaxing? Maybe you want something more exotic. The choice between these elements will help you decide on the selection of color, furniture and accessories, and you will learn how to balance them. You are interested in high -quality and inexpensive bathroom repair? Go to the site

Step 2: Select the main emphasis.

When decorating a bathroom, it is important to create a coordinating center. Bathrooms are usually small, and if you add too many jewelry (embossing walls, large sink, large shower, and t.D.) that can be emphasized – in general, everything will look at the same and unattractive. Thus, focus on one element that you want to highlight. Decorate with natural/neutral elements. If you want, decorative (embossed) plaster (to stand out) – choose light tones for the walls. If you want to use decorative tiles or elements from it on the walls and ceiling – do not get carried away by other bold accessories (you need to take less). This will create a sense of balance.

Step 3: Eliminate the mess.

Bathrooms often become one of the most lively and dirty places in the house, taking into account a whole set of towels, accessories and objects that we use every morning before leaving the house. This can create chaos in a small space that should serve for relaxation and solitude. Thus, you should get rid of unnecessary items that have no place in the bathroom. Put cosmetics in wicker baskets. Remove baskets in drawers where you store cosmetics. Having removed everything unnecessary, you will get more space and light.