Quick -made buildings

Many are distrustful of the rapid technologies for the construction of houses and directly to houses built in this way. However, there is nothing to fear here, t. to. Such structures sometimes turn out to be much more reliable than classic stone houses.

They, like ordinary houses, are built on the basis of the foundation. It is usually pile or screw. This allows you to strengthen its seismic resistance. After installing the foundation, proceed to installing the frame. It can be made both their wooden beams and a metal profile. The roof frame is built simultaneously with the general.

After the frame is built, proceed to the installation of walls, floor and ceiling. To do this, use a sandwich panel, which were collected in the factory, T.So you just need to be connected to each other. T. e. The whole house (and it is necessarily built according to a professionally drawn up project) is something like a designer where each element has its own place, role and purpose. Despite this, the reliability of buildings built using such technologies is very high.

The rapidly vegetable buildings have a lot of advantages. They are built as soon as possible. Thanks to the use of “dry” technologies on the construction site there will be no dirt and garbage. And the building itself, if desired, can be finished with almost any materials, so much so that it will look like a monolithic stone house.

When lining the walls, an additional crate is built, where the insulation material is inserted, and all communications are paved so that they are all subsequently hidden under the finish. The internal walls can also be deprived of any material, up to the classic gypsum decoration. And the most important advantage of such houses is a low cost, which is very relevant in our time.

That is the best and high -quality technique for giving you on a site where you can find what you need at very attractive prices.