Probably, all people living in private houses are dreaming of building their own bathhouse. This dream seems completely impracticable to someone, because construction is a troublesome occupation, requiring enough free space and time. However, it is quite possible to realize this idea, using the services of the construction of a turnkey bath barrel in the Leningrad region or after completing all the procedures on your own.

Bath-Bill is a cylindrical structure. Its length ranges from three to six meters, and the height is from two to three meters. There can only be one room in the bath – a steam room or several separate rooms, for example, a shower, a relaxation room, etc.D. To create such rooms, use auxiliary partitions. Water supply and sewage network must be attached to the shower.

The main advantages of this design include:

There is no need to equip a heavy and expensive base. Just equip a flat area with a reliable coating.

It differs in small dimensions, so that a minimum of territory can be distinguished for it.

You can independently assemble or disassemble the barrel thanks to the prefabricated structure. Taking into account this fact, it is not surprising that all installation and dismantling procedures can be carried out without the operation of special equipment with your own hands.

Small weight and maneuverability of the structure allows you to easily transport it.

There are no sharp corners in the design, which allows you to fully use the entire inner space. Such a bath is able to warm up in the shortest possible time.

The bath has the opportunity to install both an electric stove and a wood -like sample, it all depends on your desire to have wet or dry steam.

Thanks to various decor components, the bath can be in an original way, creating its aesthetic appearance.

However, if you plan to use the bathhouse in the winter, you need to take care of additional insulation using rolled materials. Such substances will not rot, they perfectly hold the desired temperature regime.