Lighting in the house

Everyone knows that lighting in the house plays a very important role, sometimes even the simplest interior with correctly selected lighting will look unusually interesting. And if you have conceived an unusual and intricate design of the room, then in many ways the backlight can play a large role, from how you select it correctly and arrange it.

Most often, we use chandeliers and floor lamps for our houses, built -in and table lamps, sometimes sconces or illumination of paintings or mirrors. And very rarely a fireplace or candles, but almost always we forget about such simple and interesting things as LED ribbons and neon tubes.  With these help, you can create an expressive effect, change the perception of its forms, while having the ability to make the space of the room wider or higher.

A neon tube is a cavity filled with inert gas through which an electric current passes. Such tubes give beautiful and even light, and all kinds of light sources cannot be repeated by it. It is more often used for commercial purposes for advertising, but in a living room you can create a unique and beautiful interior with their help.

Such tubes can be cast in the form you need, with their help you can create any images and patterns. Everything that your fantasy will achieve can be realized with the help of neon.

The only restriction for such lighting is moisture. That is, it is not necessary to use it in the bathroom, it is also not advisable to use it in a nursery, since the child can break such a lamp if it is available. But it can be used in the ceiling cornice and then the ceiling of the nursery will seem higher.

Neon lighting is perfect for illuminating the home theater, creating even and muffled light, thanks to which your eyes will not be tired. For the design of the kitchen, you can use the LED tape, it will also perfectly emphasize the staircase, furniture, and since such a tape can be used even in water, you can change the interior of the bathroom beyond recognition.