How to relax and what to see in Detroit

Detroit is called a ghost town in the Russian press. At the beginning of the 20th century, manufacturing and mechanical engineering flourished in it: it was here that Henry Ford founded an automobile company and produced his first cars.

But in the middle of the century, a crisis broke out, racial problems worsened, and citizens began to leave Detroit. For many years the city was in decline: many buildings were abandoned or dilapidated, few passers-by walked the streets, and housing was sold for pennies. The population has decreased from 1.8 million people to 700 thousand.

Now Detroit is being revived: business is coming there, construction sites are thundering in the center, and most of the abandoned buildings are closed for repairs. There are many Art Deco buildings preserved in the city – I have not seen similar ones in other major cities. Back in Detroit, it’s cool to ride a boat or yacht along the river: Canada is on the opposite side.