Housing lease and its features

Housing rental contract should take into account many nuances. In addition to obvious things, such as the amount of the rent and the validity of the contract, it indicates other features of the transaction. For example, the time at which the lessor will visit the apartment with an audit. If the client wants the apartment he rented to be visited by the lessor no more than once a month, this item can be indicated when drawing up a contract.

You can choose the right housing in the real estate agency, or try to find a profitable option in new ads of free ads. In any case, in a large city you can rent a 3 room apartment without difficulty, you only need to have a large amount of money in stock. Moreover, the contract can be concluded both for a short time and for several years.

In parallel with the signing of the contract, it is recommended to draw up an act on the submission of property available in the premises. Otherwise, the owner of the apartment in the future may force the tenant to pay for a damaged sofa or broken TV, which were in this form long before the start of the lease term. In the act, all visible defects in household appliances, furniture, finishes and other important elements of the interior need to indicate.

During the payment of the rent, it is necessary to take a receipt from the owner of the housing in receiving the required amount, and this must be done without fail, so that in the event of a conflict situation, there are no financial violations on your part. The receipt must indicate the month for which a specific payment is accepted, as well as the amount in words transferred by the tenant. Moreover, the document must be signed by both the owner of the area and its client.

If the contract provides for the payment of utilities by the client, it is necessary to store all receipts and checks in a safe place. Do not start a pet without a person’s knowledge. In the case of such a desire, it must be recorded in the contract. Of course, all conflict situations simply cannot be foreseen, but it is necessary to try to avoid them. So that they do not arise, you need to register all the nuances in the contract.