House on the slope: how to choose a foundation?

If the construction site is located on a hill, it is necessary to correctly design the foundation in order to minimize construction costs and make the base strong and reliable. The cottage on the elevation always looks better than at home in a flat area, but its construction requires more accurate calculations. First, geology is carried out for the cottage, which makes it possible to correctly determine the type of soil on the site, and then the depth and area of ​​the foundation is calculated.

The design of the foundation on the slope

The classic foundation for the home is columnar, pile, strip or monolithic. To make such a base on a hilly area, you will need alignment of the soil, which costs too much. The optimal solution in such cases is the construction of a combined foundation, when the main part of the building supports the strip base, and everything else is attached to stilts. The more levels in height, the more complicated the design of the foundation.

Where the differences in height are not too large, it is advisable to build columnar foundations with reinforced concrete grillage. The supporting pillars have different lengths, which allows you to establish an even and horizontal base without alignment. The soil for this should be dense enough, otherwise finely trousered supports will squeeze up the soil.

How to prevent soil collapse

To reduce the risks of destruction of the foundation, the slopes should be strengthened. The strengthening process consists of several stages:

arrangement of the drainage system;

sprinkling of a slope with a denser breed;

Packing around the perimeter of the foundation of the spacers.

Without the use of these measures, you can build a foundation only on a hill with a slope of not more than 10 degrees. Exhibitions for construction carried out by experts will certainly show how appropriate measures are to strengthen and what type of foundation is the most acceptable for a given area. Special attention should be paid to reinforcing the base and walls.