Features of the construction of houses from the beam

Recently, the construction of houses from timber has gained increasing relevance not only in rural areas, but also cottage villages, in the suburbs. Many people build not only houses, cottages, but also the main housing from the beam.

What are the benefits?

one. Building houses from a beam is much easier and easier than frame.

2. Construction technology is quite simple and therefore there is the possibility of using the work force of low qualifications.

3. The beam is preferred due to its low price.

four. The beam also has fire resistance, strength, durability, sufficient thermal insulation.

Since ancient times, log architecture has been popular, although technology in our time is already others. The log is no longer used as widely as before, now the beam can be called a modified log. The beam is processed using high -performance woodworking equipment, and due to this, working with such a beam is much faster and easier, for example, a wall of a beam is both the main bearing wall. For processing a bors, it is necessary to buy a multi -digger disk machine the price of which depends on the modification and characteristics. Modern electoral machines, machines for the production of a profiled beam are offered by the Altaeletekhmash woodworking equipment plant. The house from the beam is easy to process, if necessary, and can be finished with any material.

When building a house from a beam, it will be important to pay attention to the project of the future house. At home from timber should not be built multi -storey and with a complex structure. The houses from the beam are mainly built on one floor with a simple design, because the beam in the wall is not fixed and only bewitches. Huggles allow only a vertical displacement, which does not allow fantasies to take place during construction.