Depending on the purpose

Modern entry gates are sliding or swinging. Swearing are most often found, in fact, being a universal classical option. When designing them, it is necessary to take into account many nuances. Of course, it is not necessary to know what indexes are, but at least in physics and mathematical calculations you need to figure out how to. The sashes open either inside the territory, or out, or in both directions. Automation of their opening becomes possible thanks to the use of underground or hinged electric drives.

Sliding gates are most often used when it is necessary to limit the entry into the industrial territory. Today they have a perfect console design, thanks to which it is possible to avoid the use of the rail fixed in the soil, as well as get rid of height restrictions. Such automatic gates are very reliable and durable, so their repair is not ordered so often.

The garage gates, depending on the features of the design, are sectional, swing, roller and rotary-lifting. The most popular and practical to date are sectional gates made of multi -layer panels that provide good thermal insulation. The rotary-lifting gates are installed in a high opening, they are equally easy to open both with the help of the drive and manually.

Rolled Gate – the most optimal choice for low openings and ceilings. They work on the principle of roller. The shaft located at the top of the opening wraps itself on the panel of the gate canvas. But it is worth remembering that according to thermal insulation characteristics, such gates are seriously lost by sectional.