Choosing the type of roof for the construction of a holly roof of a country house

Choosing the type of roof for the construction of a holly roof of a country house

After the frame is built according to the above instructions, you can proceed directly to the performance of roofing work. For the construction of the roof, the industry specializing in the production of building materials offers a wide selection of various types of coatings, such as bitumen tiles, ceramic tiles, corrugated board and many others.

The type of roof depends on your financial capabilities and on the deadlines for the implementation of final construction work. When making a decision on the construction of a hip roof, the finished roof will look very beautiful, certainly decorating the entire structure, also the need for the construction of the fronts, and this minimizes the construction costs, fully covering the efforts, as well as spent efforts. time to build a rafter system.

In the presence of a no large angle of the roller in terms of not a large angle, the roof area due to performance does not increase.

Among the landscape pluses is that the roof does not discard the large shadow during the day on the site adjacent to the house. And this, in turn, makes it possible to plant any kind of photophilous plants in the immediate vicinity of the house.

Also, in the autumn-winter months, due to this small advantage in the rooms of the house covered with a hut method, there will be a lot of light.

Negative moments include the fact that if you choose the leaf roofing material, then due to the features of the design it is possible to obtain a much larger number of tearing material than with a roof of any other type.

Therefore, experts recommend using various types of tiles. And also there is no way to get a largest attic, but given that many people do not use it, this is not a significant minus of the structure. Positive moments can fully compensate for this nuance.