Choosing a foundation for a home from foam blocks

The foundation is the basis of the building. The stability and strength of the structure depends on it. In order to choose its correct type, geological reconnaissance should be carried out for the most accurate determination of the type of soil. The type of foundation depends on the project of the building, the number of floors, the height of the walls, as well as the material from which it is planned to make floors.

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One -story house from foam block. Foam block is an artificial porous material. For a one -story house with wooden floors (light building), the most suitable foundation will be – finely chanted strip foundation (its depth and width of at least 50 cm). The technology according to which it is made quite suitable so that there are no cracks on the building. Armopias, which encircles the entire foundation, will not give a shrinkage. And waterproofing will not allow moisture to destroy a rather fragile and porous foam block, which will have to be insulated and plastered.

A two -story house made of foam block, wooden inter -story ceilings and rafter structures for the roof. For such a house, the most suitable will be either a pillar or a wide buried foundation. The bearing structure of the column foundation is enough to withstand such a house. The design will withstand the house and will not go cracks. On top, on stilts it is necessary to arrange a grillage (the upper part of the column foundation, which distributes the load on the base and combines the column of the foundation). The buried foundation will cost more, but it is suitable for any type of soil. What cannot be said about the columnar foundation. The house will not sit, will not crack due to the depth and reinforcement of the foundation.

Two -story house with reinforced concrete floors. In this case, special attention is paid to the material that will serve for ceilings and foundation. For such a house, the most suitable will be a slab foundation, which is a continuous plate of reinforced concrete. It is only necessary to raise it slightly so that the level of the resulting walls is higher than the level of falling snow. This type of foundation is not much more expensive than buried.