Budget fence: types and installation

By the end of the construction site, most often there is neither strength nor finance, and preference in the construction of fences is given to such expensive materials as corrugated board, iron stone, reinforced concrete, etc.D., owners of new houses cannot afford such a luxury. They have a question: what to do in this situation?

Leave a plot with a brand new house cannot be left without a fence. Everyone understands that in our dangerous age we need protection against robbers, with which the fence is. If the house is in the village, then you also need protection against neighboring cattle, which will not mind chewing carrots from someone else’s bed. The fence is necessary in any case.

There is always a way out. For the first time, a budget version of a tree fence is quite suitable. Moreover, this material has been used from ancient times in the fences by our ancestors. However, the tree is significantly inferior in strength to more other fences. It is subject to decay when interacting with moisture.

Of course, you can’t put the roof over the fence, but you can process wood with special compounds that prevent rotting and prevent insects from entering the tree. This significantly increases the life of a wooden fence. As an alternative option, the fence can be painted. This will not only protect it from the adverse environmental impact, but also gives a more noble view.

The door is also the door interconnected with the fence. Traditionally, it is made of the same material as the fence itself. In our case, this is a tree. Do not underestimate the functionality of the wooden door. If desired and the availability of funds, it can even be equipped with an automatic opening mechanism, but in the conditions of a shortage of finances, even an ordinary hinged door will serve its owner well. In more favorable times, it can be changed along with the fence itself to a more reliable.

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