Brick and stone at home

It is precisely the stone that has long been considered a very strong building material. The brick is most likely to the stone as close as possible in comparison with other building materials. Of course, everyone wants their house far from the city to stand as long as possible, and therefore it is precisely such a building material as a brick that is chosen for its construction. It should be noted that even in the old days there were no houses that would be built exclusively from stone. Today you can often hear that the whole stone house is the house that is built of brick.Clay bricks – for each house the most reliable and most durable of all the basis. A dwelling of this type can stand for several centuries, and at the same time it is not necessary to carry out any major overhaul. The main drawback of building material is only that heat is not very good.

Therefore, the standards all modern construction of new houses from such building material suggest that at least one meter the walls should be performed with thickness. Of course, there will be a lot of building material in this situation, and therefore immediately after all the standards are accepted, the search for other ways to erect buildings from brick began.

It is best to use bricks porous-grooves, because it is they that will allow you to build housing, which will have excellent thermal insulation characteristics. All this is due to the fact that in such a brick there are special voids, filled with completely air.

A different type of building material – silicate brick. It is best to use it in order to build the external walls of your building.

The main plus is that the wall, erected from silicate brick, then does not require any additional finish at all – your country house will already have a great appearance.

Various kinds of suburban houses can be supposed to use several different types of building materials at once, including bricks, because all this will allow you to use all the characteristics of materials.

So, to perform the stylization of the house away from the city under the cottage of England or if you can.