Bloomberg learned about the airworthiness of only half of the F-35 fighter jets in the United States

In the United States, the situation with the combat readiness of F-35 fighters has worsened — only about a third of the aircraft can perform all functions, according to the report of the Air Force general.

Previously, the reasons were called frequent breakdowns and a shortage of parts for repair

The US Air Force has more than 540 F-35 fighters, but only 53.1% of them are suitable for combat missions — training, sorties, demonstration sorties, and less than 30% of the machines can perform all their tasks. Such an assessment is contained in the report of Air Force General Michael Schmidt, prepared for hearings in the aviation subcommittee of the House Committee on Armed Services, Bloomberg writes.

“This is unacceptable, and maximum readiness is my top priority,” the general said, adding that he plans to increase the readiness level of fighters by at least 10% within a year.

The general’s report did not name the reasons for this situation, but previously the reasons for this trend were the lack of spare parts, frequent breakdowns of engines and other components and a long repair time.

In recent years, the situation has worsened: in 2020, the average partial airworthiness of fighters was 69%, full — about 39%, follows from the data of the US Accounting Chamber. And according to the Pentagon, by the end of last year, 65% of fighters could perform combat functions.

Last fall, deliveries of F-35 fighter jets to the US army were suspended due to the discovery of an alloy made in China in one of the aircraft. Its use violates the rules of procurement for defense needs. The find does not transmit information, does not harm the integrity, the Pentagon assured.

The revision of the state of their own armed forces in Western states was strengthened after Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine. In particular, the Danish Defense Ministry talked about the worst state of the army over the past 40 years, and in Germany they estimated the period for carrying out the necessary modernization of troops at 50 years.