Bezramic glazing of balconies

Bezrandous glazing of balconies inherently the phenomenon in the Russian construction market relatively new. In Russia, such structures began to be installed only a few years ago, although this system was developed for a long time in Finland – back in the early seventies of the 20th century.

On the outside, the balcony, which is glazed with this method, looks fenced with a completely glass sheet, absolutely without seams and frames. And inside and there is a completely amazing impression that this balcony is not glazed. Such a solution looks extremely stylish and peculiar. Zusatz, the absence of the frames visually expands the existing space, making the loggia freer. For shading, you can purchase blinds.

This system is quite simple. Let’s look at it in more detail. A construction profile is tightly fixed on the balcony plate, which carefully repeats all its lines. The balcony glass moves on special movable loops fixed in the profile. Glass, we note that in such structures, is used extremely particularly strong, which does not require unnecessary strengthening. Even a strong hail will not be scary to such a material, but if a rather strong blow came on the installed glass that it has split, its fragments are scattered with very small cubes, and that can hardly cut, which is quite favorably distinguished by such products From all the long -habitual ordinary glasses.

The thickness of this glass is chosen based on its height. The higher the balcony opening, the thicker the glass is needed.

So, for example, the height of the glazed space is more than two meters, we need material with eight thickness (unlike the generally accepted six) millimeters. Moreover, it is not recommended to take thinner, since the strength of the structure will worsen hard. But we must admit that such high windows that are glazed by a non -blessed way look very impressive.