Beautiful corridor

During the repair, many consider the corridor a secondary room, so they do not give due attention to its species. Of course, this is not the correct attitude, because, first of all, getting into the apartment, everyone makes it an assessment of the state and appearance of the corridor, this is the first thing that causes certain associations. And the owners themselves receive a certain mood, leaving their apartment from the corridor. Therefore, when repairing it, you should think about creating a more cozy and beautiful atmosphere.

Most often, such a room has many doors and not a single window, it also wants to have the best in size, so poor lighting gives a certain gloomy condition. Even on a sunny clear day, the corridor remains darkened and gloomy. Therefore, in order to achieve the opposite effect, you should use light wall coatings. It can be wallpaper or other type of finish, but certainly light tones. If wallpaper is used for repair, then it is worth thinking about an important detail such as practicality. The corridor is considered a passage room, they fall into it from the street, bringing all kinds of dust and dirt with it. Therefore, it is necessary to use wallpaper that can be washed or wiped. You can also make a combined repair, so glue the Washing wallpaper on more vulnerable areas, and the rest of the usual.

Do not glue completely light wallpaper, since any pollution will be visible on them. To do this, you can use the material of light shades with the application of a variegated pattern, which will help to perfectly hide slight contamination or dust. If the wallpaper is with a light metallic shine, then this will help make the room lighter. Do not use material with a very large pattern, since visually it will make the corridor less than it is actually.

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