Apartment renovation

Everyone wants to live in a cozy apartment, but in order to have it, you must first make repairs first. At the moment, they can be divided into two types: capital and cosmetic, which differ in the volume of work.

Cosmetic repairs of the apartment, most often all residents of our state are performed after five to ten years, after the commissioning of the house or the last change of wallpaper. With him, wallpaper, floor, ceiling are often changed, and this ends up. The capital has large volumes of work performed and they are completely the entire replacement of the old type of room for a new one, the windows are changing, partitions are made, the area of ​​the room is changed by expanding it, and so on.

With a small amount of work, one person will be able to do everything, and under the capital, it is better to dial a special team of builders or repairmen who have special equipment and will be able to complete tasks according to your requirements.

All work can be divided into three sites and make them gradually. For example, you need to start with the ceiling in order not to accidentally stain the new floor or wallpaper. After the ceiling, you need to go down, and this means that the walls need to be made further, and at the end the floor.

The ceiling can now be whitewashed, painted, glued to the suspended ceiling, make with plastic panels or drywall, and other materials can also be used. By the way, the cost, like the effect of different types, will be absolutely different.

The walls in our country are used to gluing with wallpaper, because this is the most effective and inexpensive way to quickly update housing. There are a huge amount of them, which can approach a certain room or vice versa. For example, waterproof are suitable for the kitchen and a bath, where there is a large amount of water, and the murals and ordinary ones are better suited to the guest or sleeping room that are afraid of moisture.

Based on everything, we can say that everyone chooses the interior of the apartment himself, so the choice of appropriate goods and materials lies only on it. And depending on the result of work, it is better to give preference to professional workers who have experience in such matters.