At home from a bar. New technologies

Progress always moves only forward, the pace of modern life is increasingly accelerating. Building technologies are also moving with the times. One of the main trends is the speed of building a house.

There are quite simple options among new technologies. This is a non -removable formwork. Panels, blocks or plates can act as formwork than concrete. Reinforcement is laid inside them and concrete is filled. Thus, a strong reinforced concrete monolith is obtained. After the concrete acquisition of a given strength, the formwork is not removed, but remains. It will perform thermal insulation function in new walls.

Another non -traditional technology is a rearrangement. It provides even independent installation of the walls of the house, without the help of specialists. The construction of the walls is carried out using modules, which in the process of building are rearranged. With the help of these modules, you can also form future window and doorways.

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The most modern technology is, of course, 3D panels. The technology combines elements of monolithic and frame-panel construction. The construction of the house begins with the installation of the frame from ready -made elements. Further, the frame from all sides is poured with a layer of concrete, which turns individual elements into a monolithic structure.

A worthy place in the list of innovations of construction is occupied by frame technology. It provides for the separation of the structural functions into two main elements – a rigid frame and walls. The frame performs the supporting function, and the walls are enclosing. A simple option for the execution of this technology will be a frame-frame house. Outside, such a house will be covered with facade plaster and siding, and inside it – drywall.

New technologies in construction are always a worthy alternative to traditional methods.